Swords historical
Historical replicas of famous swords used in battle by Nobles and Knights of past centuries, made in various sizes and finishes .

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  • Charles III
  • Tizona Cid
  • Colada cid
  • Duke of Alba
  • Great captain
  • Charles V
  • Philip II
  • Catholic Kings
  • Scimitar
  • Spanish Tizona

    The Spanish Tizona , also called Rapier emerges in Spain in the sixteenth century to denote some kind of straight-bladed sword and eventually wielded one-handed . Rapier is called because it was loaded as an attachment of clothing , fashion and generally used as a weapon for self defense . Its peak period could place it between 1525 and 1675 approximately progressively being replaced by sprat typical eighteenth century , of French origin . At least in the sixteenth century , a rapier was not only a weapon for use only on end, with narrow blade sharpened section . In fact , in Spain at the time any sword used in a duel and dress , accompanying a civilian garments ( or a soldier in civilian clothes ) , was called rapier , thus remaining outside this name only purely military swords , simple trim . We find , therefore , developed during this loop fittings accompanying relatively broad leaves , suitable for use both as a cutting edge , and we are still facing a rapier . Even at the end of the next century ( and into 1660 to 1680 ) , when thin sheets quadrangular or rhomboid ( verduguillos calls ) are now common currency , some broadleaf civil swords back into fashion in Spain , always riding garrisons own of authentic swords rapiers .

  • Francisco pizarro