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    Among the most prestigious military reign of the Catholic Kings highlights Don Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordoba, known as the Great Captain. Member of the house of Aguilar, came with twelve years of service of Prince Alfonso.Tras the death of the prince, Don Gonzalo is named by Queen Elizabeth to join his servicio.Casado with her cousin Elizabeth de Montemayor, will soon become a widower without issue, dedicated to military occupation since. In particular were the wars of Granada which saw ejército.Gracias incorporation into her friendship with Boabdil el Chico , the Catholic Monarchs commissioned the negotiations that ended with the fall of Granada on 2 January 1492.El Orvija Manor , certain income on silk and parcel of the Order of Santiago were the rewards for the excellent services rendered to the Crown . Italy would be the new front opened after Granada . The French invasion of Naples led the Spanish participation in the conflict in support of King Neapolitan , Gonzalo being chosen to head the military hosts. After two years of struggle , Córdoba get a successful victory , earning the nickname earned Great Captain and the title of Duke of Santangelo . The Treaty of Granada in 1500 apparently put an end to the disputes between Spain and France for territory napolitano.El specter of war looming over Naples again and Don Gonzalo was sent to the battlefront After resisting some sites in different places , Spanish troops managed to beat the legendary French soldiers in two battles : Cerignola and Garigliano , died in the first one the head of armies Gauls , the Duke of Nemours . Naples was definitely under influencia.Tras Isabel 's death in 1504 , Don Fernando and Gonzalo start a rift that led to the withdrawal of government napolitano.Don Gonzalo Cordoba returned to Spain where he died in 1515 , despite trying several times to get the needed royal permission to move to the place where he got all his triumphs .