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    The Tizona is one of the swords ( with Laundry) that tradition or literature attributed to the Cid ( Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar ) . According to the Cantar de mio Cid ( composed around 1200) belonged to the king Bucar Tizona of Cid Morocco and won in Valencia (Spain ) . Then be one of the gifts of his sons Cid Heirs of Carrion , but return to power of Diaz de Vivar , who ended up giving it to his nephew , Pedro Bermúdez .The Tizona was a ceremonial sword , by the details of his garrison (reflecting Spanish heraldry ) . Currently exhibited in the Museum of Burgos along with other alleged relics cidianas.Su knob fitting has flat , long and tapered fist , wrapped iron wire , the quillon is curved and the pins are pythons . This corresponds to a type dating from the late fifteenth century .King Ferdinand gave the sword to Constable Mosen Pierres de Peralta , first Count of Santisteban de Lerin , Baron de Marcilla and grandfather of the Marquis of Falces , for services rendered by this in the negotiations that led to his marriage to Isabel Castilla . This sword remained until the twentieth century in the possession of the Marquis of Falces in Marcilla castle palace . The sword is described thus: " With iron grip completely black , two-edged blade , thin , soft , and flexible ."