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    Alfonso X the Wise, king of Castile and Leon, born in 1221, and reigned between 1252 and 1284 Son of Fernando III and Beatrice of Swabia. He married, in 1249, with Violante of Aragon, daughter of King James I of Aragon the Conqueror. On the death of his father resumed the offensive against Muslims, occupying the strengths of Jerez (1253) and Cadiz (c. 1262). In 1264 faced a major revolt of the Moorish settlers in the valley of the Guadalquivir. The more ambitious task of the king was his aspiration to the Holy Roman Empire, project that took more than half of his reign. The last family who had held the title were the Staufen Empire, from which descended matrilineally Alfonso X. Wise king appeared next to another candidate to Holy Empire , English Richard of Cornwall. In 1257 the seven electors of the emperor unified their decision and for several years the Empire was vacant , since neither candidate was able to prevail . Finally , in September of 1272 Rudolf of Hapsburg was elected emperor and in May of 1275 Alfonso X finally divested Empire to Pope Gregory X.The last years of his reign were particularly grim . Since 1272 a section of the nobility confronted the monarch . In addition , the death in 1275 of Infante Ferdinand , eldest son of Alfonso X , opened a lawsuit disputed succession . The children of this child , called Infantes de la Cerda , and Fernando Alfonso , fought for the succession to the Crown with the infant Sancho , second son of Alfonso X. Finally it was the latter that got imposed infant on the throne .One of the most important facets of his reign was his work lawmaker , inextricably linked to the introduction in Castile and León of Roman law . Under his inspiration was organized a formidable corpus of legal texts , both doctrinal and normative . His most important works in this field were the Royal Charter , the speculum and the Seven Games .The great achievements of the monarch in the field of culture justly earned him the nickname ' Wise ' . The singular note of your company culture was its simultaneous linking East and West. With it evolved into the Kingdom of Castile a culture of synthesis , in which ingredients came both Christians and Muslims and Jews . The fertility of the collaboration between the three cultures intellectuals has its maximum expression in the School of Translators of Toledo . Died on April 4, 1284 , in Sevilla (Spain).