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    The casting was won by Cid, after heavy fighting the Count of Barcelona, Ramon Berenguer the Fraticida and was played Tevar pine forest along the river Tastavins, on the border of the provinces of Teruel and Castellón. Tradition says that this very important sword corresponds to a magnificent leaf preserved in the Royal Armouries. The name comes from being Casting a blade made of cast steel, i.e. a steel clean and free of impurities , so that it can also mean sword Clara, clean. Like its companion , it was stated that he had supernatural properties depending on who wields it . Although El Cid gave it to his sons , the Infantes of Carrion , the same was returned by them after the outrage committed on his daughters in the town of Corpes and that gave rise to the name of the affront which tells the Cantar de Mio Cid . ( The daughters of the Cid are dishonored and abandoned by the Heirs of Carrion . After the incident , El Cid had been dishonored and the king asking for justice . The trial ends with the " riepto " or duel in which the representatives of the cause of Rodrigo Diaz due to infants. They are dishonored in public just cancel their weddings and also returning the swords . Being the gracious Colada Cid again by her knight Martin Antolinez . Currently the laundry is located in the Royal Armouries Royal Palace also Madrid.Lleva leaf engravings made in punch and gold , some scholars say are mere ornaments and others are ornate lettering XII to XIII century , a mystery to decipher because no one knows for sure what these symbols mean . Ultimately The Tizona and casting are two magnificent arms full of mystery and who have run many adventures in its long history , but we can say without doubt that these swords are more than a knife , long , straight, sharp and sharp , with handle, can be defined as any dictionary ; are more than a piece of cold iron and lifeless , worthless , are shapers of history and the history of Spain , witnesses of the battles in which they participated , took up arms to their proud owners and heirs of a knight Fame called , Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar , that has already legendary and timeless .