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    The marriage of Isabel of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon, the Catholic Monarchs, assumed the dynastic union of the two crowns major dynastic union ibérica.Esta peninsula meant not an institutional unit as each kingdom continued to have their own courts, laws , languages, institutions and currencies. Only religious politics, foreign policy and military Furon common to both crowns. Domestic policy focused on achieving territorial unification, religious unity and establish a monarchical power getting stronger against the nobility and the cities.1º -territorial Unification: was reached with the conquest of the Kingdom of Granada, in 1492, he joined the Crown of Castile. In 1512 the kingdom of Navarre was annexed to the Crown of Castile. In the same vein we can also locate marriage alliances with the Kingdom of Portugal, who wanted to prepare a future union of the kingdoms of the Iberian Peninsula under a single king. 2º -religious Unification: can be summarized in two main steps: * With the creation of the tribunal of the Inquisition, whose aim was to pursue the false converts to Christianity. * The other big move was the expulsion of the Jews in 1492. The uprising of the Muslims of Granada in 1499 resulted in a decree that they were forced to convert to Christianity or otherwise, be expulsados.La became a Christian majority receiving the name of "Moors".The Catholic Monarchs strengthened the power of the monarchy, especially in Castile. For strengthening of royal power carried out a series of measures: 1º -They created the Royal Council, composed of lawyers advising the government on different areas or topics. The nobility was relegated to a weak advisory role. 2º -real justice reinforced with the creation of Hearings and Foreign Ministries. 3º -strengthened the royal treasury with the subjugation of the military orders , who possessed immense income . 4º -They controlled municipalities through magistrates , who were delegates of the king .The foreign policy of the Catholic Monarchs was also an instrument for strengthening the monarchy and the establishment of a new dynasty . The lines of action were based on achieving the following objectives : 1º- The occupation of the Kingdom of Granada , which was the culmination of the reconquest called . 2º- Once occupied Granada the next objective was the conquest of territories in North Africa. This option allowed to control the expansion of the Turkish Empire , but also access to major economic as slaves and gold . Melilla , Oran and Tripoli will be occupied cities by the Catholic Monarchs . 3º- In the Mediterranean prevailed interests of the Crown of Aragon , so clashes with France ( traditional ally of Castile ) were numerous . Ferdinand regained Roussillon and Cerdagne . In 1504 joined the Kingdom of Naples to the Crown of Aragon . 4º- Support for geographical expeditions , which led to the discovery of America .This policy of territorial expansion must add any diplomatic action based matrimonial alliances . The Catholic Monarchs marry their children with kings or princes of England , Portugal and Germany . They wanted to maintain a close network of alliances against France .