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  • Shields
    The shield is the oldest defensive weapon used to protect weapons from known offensed.Se III millennium . C. In Mesopotamia and will be used in the West until the seventeenth century . Was embraza left arm and helps cover the body of the attacks without hindering the use of his right arm to counter . The shield has been used by almost all human cultures for defense in the fight , both remotely and melee, its versatility to cover the fighter attacks with thrown weapons or brandished . With major changes in both materials and forms , adapting to changes in technology or tactics to ensure maximum protection for combatants . Each time a new weapon was introduced , the shield was transformed to taque of that weapon , until gunpowder , throwing long range piercing projectiles , its use became useless in the battlefield .
  • Armor
    history of reinforcement is so broad and branched would be impossible to exhaustively list the different types of protection throughout history have to be safeguarded body armor story is so broad and branched would impossible to make an exhaustive list of the different types of protection throughout history have safeguarded the human body . Over time , the civilizations of the Middle East were adapting themselves to these suits . Usually the best that protected his troops had the upper hand .There are key developments in the manufacture of armor that tipped the balance of certain civilizations . A good example of this is the inclusion of protection for the nose on the helmets , visor or mobile . The application of iron and , later , steel , construction of protection , were also key moments for advancing armor. The Middle Ages is a time much given to technological advances in the field of spreading death and is at this time when developing sophisticated armor .
  • Panoply
    The word " panoply " means a collection of weapons placed neatly in a wooden board as escudo.EL use that was made to the array in the Middle Ages was carrying the weapons used every knight to shed them now days are used as a decorative object for Exibir different weapons , especially swords .
  • Spoons
    Decorative golden metal spoons to collect