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    Francisco Pizarro González, Spanish explorer and conqueror of Peru, son of Gonzalo Pizarro Rodríguez Hidalgo de Aguilar was able to accompany his father on several of his many interventions expedicionarias.Pizarro highlights from the group of Spanish conquistadors who followed Columbus for having imposed nothing more and nothing less than the Inca Empire, from the help of local chieftains, it should be noted, important that this imperial state was located in the territory now occupied by Peru, therefore, Pizarro is considered his conqueror. Pizarro is a native of Trujillo, Extremadura, although, for now, some argue that it did in March 1473, other in March of 1478 and as many speak March 1476. When he was 20 years old and with the experience gained alongside his father joined the military unit known as Spanish troops and participated in campaigns against the French Naples. In 1502, his indefatigable spirit led him to embark in the fleet of Nicolas Ovando, governor of the Spanish brand, heading to India and then joined the expedition of Alonso de Ojeda to explore Central America and later to the Vasco Nunez de Balboa discovered the Pacific Ocean. Between 1519 and 1523 settled in Panama where he served as alderman, grocer and mayor positions that allowed him to amass a remarkable fortuna.Para same time it reaches your ears the sound of the great wealth that existed in the Inca Empire then, in that direction was oriented interest and so it was associated with Diego de Almagro to meet the expenses of two expeditions of conquest, the first conducted between 1524-1525 and the second from 1526 to 1528. In neither achieved its objectives and further , for the hardships suffered in the second season , decided to retire to the island of Gallo , with twelve men , while his partner went for reinforcements . Leveraging flown, Pizarro and his men explored the west coast of South America , where it was Peru . Unable to get more men at the behest of the governor of Panama , Pizarro traveled to Spain to inform him of his plans to himself King Carlos I. In the capitulation of Toledo , the king appointed him governor and captain general advance of the lands discovered . In January 1531 he embarked on a new expedition to Peru , he met with the confrontation between the Inca emperor Atahualpa and his brother Huascar . In 1532 after failing in an attempt to convert to Christianity to Atahualpa , Pizarro captured him . Neither promises of great wealth Pizarro twisted plans of executing Atahualpa , which was completed on August 29, 1533 . He then joined the local nobility which was virtually conquered the territory and in their hands . Manco Capac II , brother of Huascar , was named emperor . The alliance Pizarro - Almagro , soon come into crisis, culminating , first , with the murder of Almagro in the hands of Pizarro (1538 ) and at the time , on 26 June 1541 , supporters of Almagro , find the expected revenge , killing Pizarro in his palace in Lima .