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    A crossbow is a promoter consisting of a weapon mounted on a bow which fires projectiles straight , often called bolts or bolts . While this is a very old martial instrument , currently still used in war , but primarily for recreation . It is a weapon that began to be used massively in the tenth century , with the development and refinement of the bow and arrow . Their power became significant in later and more advanced version , with metal blades ( the metal projectile pierced one mail to 150 m . could shoot and hit the dirt , on foot or horseback , and did not need as much skill as the bow to hit the target . The crossbow revolutionized individual ways of killing the enemy could kill any inexperienced distance an accomplished warrior. This was so new and threatening that even deserved that Pope Innocent II at the Lateran Council of 1139 , prohibiting the use of the crossbow between the Christian armies , and in a papal bull Christianity cautioned against its use by " danger to humanity such a weapon . " The crossbow was the equivalent of more advance guns . Like these, the crossbow and pointed gatillaba eye closer to the end of the lane saetero to align with the target to hit. Remote His ERA was only surpassed by gunpowder . Soldiers carrying this weapon were called " crossbow " .

  • Battle Axe

    The Battle Axe is a polearm shaped iron blade , and his steely cut that in narrower , which is the reverse , has a ring of iron, which enters the shaft . In the final centuries of the Middle Ages , the appearance of armor specialization led all offensive weapons or use. In the case of see how the traditional ax hatchet long begins to have "always" a " bib " on the opposite of the beak-shaped leaf or blade, and a vertical blade sharpened at its head , making calls armas.Esto axes is that the " penetration" was at that time a determining factor when it comes to pass - and wound - armor. Still, the great and renowned power axes chop maintained its main sheet and it fell into disuse in favor of hammers , mallets and spikes , as well as "hurt " a weapon was "overcome " . And this was nothing to get the armed enemy while not seriously injured had just " dented " in his armor and "bent" in the face of such forces magnos pits ( bumps ) .


    The halberd is a weapon enastada of wooden shaft about two feet in length and having its "head of weapons " as a spearhead upper breast , a blade -shaped cross ax blade on one side, and a breastplate hooking of punctured or its opposite smallest . It was used with great success as infantry weapon since the end of the Middle Ages to the seventeenth century. The use of this weapon in infantry battles , which resulted in victories facing heavy cavalry troops , reformed the composition of armies and returned to give vital importance to the infantry . It was well-deserved fame that many elite troops or nobility wore the versions " ostentatious " , with some military bodies that are used these days at public and ceremonial military parades as a weapon . Today, the Royal Guards Alabarderos Spanish or Vatican Swiss Guard used this weapon not only ceremonially , they are also trained to use it as a combat weapon . The soldier who is armed with a halberd was called yeoman . Also called and the soldier honor guard carried the kings of Spain . It is an elite Spanish Royal Guard , who are direct custodians of Real People , which give protection guard and walk .