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  • Freely letter opener
    Bases with different patterns and finishes to withstand a letter opener vertically and placed on tables, desks , lounge furniture , offices, etc.
  • Letter Opener
    Models with different finishes and letter opener made ​​from sheet steel inoxidable.Muy votes on tables Office to facilitate the opening of envelopes, letters , etc ...
  • Sewing, manicure and...
    Utensils such as thimbles with or without damascene , and cutting tools for pedicures and manicures , made of high quality steel
  • Thumbnails
    Reproductions of swords, Katana, etc, thumbnail size and with different finishes
  • Accessories
    Various parts and elements
  • Scissors
    Hand crafted engraved scissors , you follow the ancient tradition that gives fame to the city of Toledo. This tradition has been passed from generation to generation through Master Craftsmen , who patiently and creations domain to give a timeless quality Toledo won its own right